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Published in South County Healthy Living

South County Healthy Living Article Hitting the shelves November 2018 is the inaugural edition of the South County Healthy Living Magazine. I was interviewed for the edition, and if you would like to read the online version click  HERE . You can pick up a copy at many of the local businesses throughout Venice, North Port, Nokomis and Englewood.

Two MAHI MAHI watercolors sent to auction

These two brand new mahi mahi watercolor paintings were auctioned off at the West Palm Beach Fishing Club annual BBQ and awards banquet in south Florida. The BBQ is a huge event with awards given out for outstanding fishing throughout the year. Why did I choose them? They put great emphasis on traditions and are active advocates of initiatives that promote habitat protection and sustainable fishing. They give educational seminars and scholarships to kids, and since 2001 have donated more than 2,000 fishing rod/reel outfits to kids just to keep kids excited about protecting the marine environment so we can continue to experience the fishing that we all love! Each of these ink and watercolor paintings are one-of-a-kind, 9x12 illustrations of one of my favorite fish to catch and um ...  not  release. Good thing they are some of the fastest growing fish in the ocean. Your only chance at these two is to attend the event this weekend! Click here to learn more about the event. © 2018 Kelly

Her Majesty's Wish

Belted Kingfishers: Her Majesty's Wish 2018 © Kelly Reark,  Her Majesty's Wish . Acrylic on canvas (16x20). These belted kingfishers titled "Her Majesty's Wish" show the unique relationship between a male and female of the species. Male kingfishers will repeatedly bring offerings of food to a potential mate. She will either accept the offering or snub him until he brings her the perfect present. Once they are in agreement, they become a monogamous nesting pair and he will continue to feed her throughout their courtship.

Banyan Street painting

Here's my completed "Banyan Street" painting. I am happy to report that it hangs in its new home along with its sister painting called "Wormsloe". Stay tuned to my  Instagram  for a timelapse clip of my work in action! Artist Kelly Reark