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Kelly Reark on transforming a fish mount

Tarpon fever - What a transformation! I spent a lot of time with this mini tarpon. It came from the 2003 World's Richest Tarpon Tournament captain's trophy. Through the years, it took a lot of sun and weathering. I used apoxie sculpting medium to patch the holes and chipped paint, and I sanded and sanded to make the body smooth again. Several coats of paint followed several coats of primer, and I finished with four coats of high gloss sealing varnish. I completely changed the look of this tarpon because I wanted it to be a Boca Grande Pass tarpon. Using photos from fish caught here in the Pass, I gave him the seaglass green, gold and silvery hues we love to see flashing f... To read the rest of this newsletter or to subscribe, please click here.