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On the Edge of Peace

2019 © Kelly Reark, ON THE EDGE OF PEACE. Acrylic on canvas (24x30). I hope you’ve been following me on social media ( facebook and Instagram ) to see the start-to-finish time lapse videos I’ve released.The 20 to 30 second tidbits give an idea of how I work a canvas. I have compiled 50+ hours of video into about 7 minutes so that you can watch it all at once. I posted it to YouTube ( Click to view ). Right now, there's some background music. The pollen, weird weather, and red tide have combined in a perfect storm and struck me down. I am a wheezy, coughing asthmatic mess. As soon as my voice returns and I stop coughing, I can dub the audio with commentary on my process. If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer during my video, send them to me now! This art represents the PReaCH campaign. We launched the artwork at the Peace River Revival in Punta Gorda on March 30. PReaCH is dedicated to bringing resource protection awareness to, and advocacy for,