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World's Richest Tarpon Tournament 2017

2017 Worlds Richest Tarpon Tournament Artwork

Break Out the Big Guns ...

It's time for the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament!

I am proud to announce that my artwork will represent the 2017 World's Richest Tarpon Tournament this week. First prize in last year's WRTT was $39,000 (prize amount depends on the number of boats). There's also a rodeo-winning-cowboy-sized belt buckle up for grabs. I am sure it would look great on a shelf, but can you imagine the looks if you were to sport that baby with a Columbia and some flipflops? The tournament is Thursday and Friday, May 25-26.

To go along with the tournament and silver king celebration, I will be participating with approximately 50 other marine wildlife artists in the invitational fine art festival in downtown Boca Grande. My brand new Tattooed Turtle shell will be on display during the event. The art festival is Friday and Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm.

If you haven't purchased your 2017 WRTT Tervis tumbler or fishing shirt, they are in short supply at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce office. My tournament artwork will be printed on a limited number of 100 event posters. I'd be happy to sign yours. They will be for sale during the art festival as well.
See for yourself the detail and love that goes into one of my special Tattooed mounts. A tattooed tarpon is on display at Boca Grande Real Estate and there is also one at Hudson's Grocery in downtown Boca Grande. Both of those are part of private collections. This turtle shell will be for sale at the festival. You can see time lapse videos of me painting it on Facebook or Instagram.
Howard and Emily Wise, along with Daniel Hildreth and Niclole Coleman were the 2016 Daily Winners aboard the Casuarina with Captain Charlie Coleman. The tournament winners were Justin Davis, John Judson, Joel Trost and Will Bonner on Captain Timmy Smith's boat Sundown. More results on YouTube.
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There have been multiple asks for a link to my VIP email signup form.
Here is the link!
Thank you for your interest in my artwork. The VIP Patrons on my list enjoy advance access to new artwork. Art Launches happen as I complete new artwork. I can't pre-schedule my creative process! My art is in demand and many times the originals sell to my VIP Patrons before ever being released to the public market. This is the singular best way to see all of my new art and have a shot at purchasing it. 
Otherwise you will have to wait for me to do a public art launch. :(  Who likes to wait?  Especially when it means most likely missing out on buying your choice of artwork. 
For instance, I launched a turtle painting this month (February 2018) to my VIPs and sold it within minutes. There were a dozen inquiries to that painting. That art is not going to be reproduced as a print, so the patron who acted on the email offering was able to acquire a very special piece of artwork. When I post the ima…

Tattooed Tarpon in Boca Grande

In 2017, I created the "Johnson Shoals" tarpon mount for a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust auction in Boca Grande. King Sailfish supplied the fish mount for this project. The idea for the painting came to me from the many times I have drifted in the Pass, watching the waves and the shadows dancing beneath them. The shoals are on the south side of the pass, so when you look back across it you can see the Boca Grande lighthouse. From this perspective, the Gulf waters are to the "left".  The fundraiser was a success and one of Boca Grande's own purchased the fish to hang in a local office building.

Artist Kelly Reark

Turtle Jelly

© 2018 Kelly Reark, Turtle Jelly. Watercolor on cold press paper.This is a very detailed pen and ink drawing of a sea turtle swimming toward it's favorite candy: jellyfish! I painted the jellyfish in these airy pink and purple hues because the lightness of the creature floating in the water makes me think of the wispy sugar strands of cotton candy.