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Announcement! The World's Richest Tarpon Tournament artwork "Silver Lining" is available as a signed poster at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce starting today! To purchase poster art, Tervis tumblers, or sport fishing shirts, visit or call 941-964-0620.

I am also releasing a limited edition of the fine art (no tournament text). There are just a few pieces on display throughout Boca Grande and I am taking orders through June 14 to fill before Father's Day. Orders reserved after June 14 will not be available to pickup before Father's Day. Reply to this email with questions or to request an artwork reservation. 

The original painting is 36x48 inches. The original is available, framed ($6,000).

A special edition giclée on canvas, remarked (painted on), of 10 pieces signed and numbered, in size 30x40 will be sold framed or gallery-wrapped for $900.

A limited edition of 50 signed and numbered pieces in size 30x40 will be sold framed for $675.

An open edition in size 18x24 will be sold framed for $350 or unframed for $100.

Right now you can view and purchase one of the the framed 30x40 edition pieces at the Temptation in Boca Grande.

Thank you for adding this iconic piece of Boca Grande fishing to your collection!

   How do I get inspired to paint these paintings? I FISH! Recently I was on board with Captain Nelson Italiano when I hooked into a fierce fighter right at sundown. We were farther south and east than I usually fish but my Captain knew that with the wind and weather turning like it was that the fish would be there, and they were. Watching the bobber on the fly line and the sun setting, I took a big relaxing breath. As I exhaled, I saw the water boil. My bobber disappeared - FISH ON!
   Right from the first jump we knew I had hooked a big fish. I reeled in to my red and then green marks again and again. Each time the fish was close, she ran hard in the opposite direction. I love the fight. I love the tension. I love pushing the gear and myself to be just aggressive enough to put pressure on the fish without snapping it off. I love seeing the fish jump over and over, challenging my ability. Nelson followed the fish all over Boca Grande Pass and out to the old piers. After nearly a full hour, I was blessed with a fully retrieved spool and my leader at the tip. I was tired and speechless as the fish rested boat-side. I looked into her big eyes and soaked in the color of her scales reflecting the lights from the boat. All of us cheered at the release. I got to share that awesome moment with my husband Dave, and my long time friend and Captain Nelson, along with mate Marshall Locke. My boys had been sleeping in the bow the whole time but they got to see the release.
   Nelson estimated her weight at 170 pounds - my personal best and a bucket list fish! I have been painting a 180 pound mount for the past several months, and now I knew exactly what it looked and felt like to bring one in. Maybe I will paint one for myself!
If you love my art, support me through sharing this newsletter with your friends!

Thank you! See you in the Pass!


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